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Wealth Creation Course Testimonials

“The content & speaker was superb. Very insightful, especially as in the coming weeks I am looking to buy an investment property. It was excellent.”

Matthew C (August 2018)

“Hints that make a big difference, and a dynamic instructor to go along with it”

Claire F (July 2018)

“It was very eye opening and informative with smart advice.”

Alexandra D (July 2018)

“All the info was extremely relevant and interesting. Scott is very knowledgeable!”

Alison S (May 2018)

“Great overview of where to start and what to look out for. It was a nice introduction into the financial planning and what to do with my super.”

Janice L (May 2018)

“The course was a good overview with good explanations of insurances in super. Great info!”

Olivia D (May 2018)

“The whole course was amazing, informative and very educational. Exactly what I was needing to know”

Amanda V (February 2018)

“Loved it! I learned more tonight than trying to understand all the books I’ve bought. Thank you!”

Michelle S (February 2018)

“Relevant, clear and practical. Good pace and great to be able to ask questions. Simplified complex issues and no sales pressure”

Kate F (February 2018)

“Very interesting. I may be closer to investing than I realised!”

Peter C (February 2018) 

“Very informing, not boring and a good balance of objective vs subjective stand point”

Daina D (February 2018)

“It was interesting to learn how smart decisions now can set you up for the future”

Katie H (October 2017)

“Super useful, thanks for making something like this happen”

Marianne P (September 2017)

“Great basic knowledge points to get the brain thinking and initiate further research”

Nicole N (September 2017)

“A very honest approach, insightful and I was able to ask any questions”

Julian W (June 2017)

“Awesome insights. I should have attended years ago!”

Johathan W (June 2017)

“Loads of valuable information, straight forward and easy to understand. I wish I did this course 20 years ago!”

Melissa B (June 2017)

“Your humour, patience and subject knowledge was exceptional.”

Helen M (June 2017)

“Great information on superannuation. This information isn’t taught anywhere else.”

Shane S (February 2017)

“Each topic has given me food for thought with action points for myself to review immediately.”

Fiona F (February 2017)

“The course helped me to look at the bigger picture and the need to link all aspects of money to make it work harder for me”

Bridget F (February 2017)

“Scott presented the content in a way that anyone can relate to and understand.”

Christina M (January 2017)

“You taught the material in a very easy to understand manner, with some humour! This course was both very informative and fun, thank you.”

Mariela S (November 2016)

“Well presented, humorous at the same time and full of information. I feel more confident about buying real estate than before attending this course.”

Cassandra B (October 2016)

“The course massively improved my understanding of how to invest.”

Jez T (May 2016)

“It was beneficial learning from first-hand experiences and real-world examples.”

Natalie S (February 2016)

“Heaps of information that is impossible to find online.”

Aikeen L (February 2016)

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