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Sydney property market forecast & guide 2020

The Sydney property market is forecast to continue its growth in 2020.  While housing values continued to decline in the first half of the year, the market is on the rebound. Record low interest rates and improving consumer sentiment have created a positive change in the wind, with growth expected to continue in the new […]

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What brings value to a house or unit

If you’re wondering what aspects bring value to a house or unit, then look no further. We’ll cover eleven features that contribute to the value of a property, so you know what to look out for, especially if you’re looking for an investment property. Read on for eleven simple ways you can bring value to […]

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7 Insider Tips to Getting Loan Approval in 2020

If you’re an Aussie looking to tick all the criteria boxes and make it through lender scrutiny, here are the seven biggest trends that will improve your chances of home loan approval. Going for a home loan is never an easy process, and tight credit conditions haven’t made it any easier. Moving forward, the biggest […]

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Housing Market Forecast: Your Guide to Buying Property in 2019

Updated – 10th December 2019: Hello! It’s the end of the year, which means the information here might be a little out of date. If you’d like to know where the market is heading in the new year… Please see our latest property market forecast and guide for 2020 right here: Australian home buyers […]

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The salary you need to buy a home in Australia

In this article, we reveal the salary your household needs to be earning to buy a home in each Australian capital city right now – and some of these figures may surprise you! As the property market finally starts to slow down, let’s take a look at what salary you would need to buy a […]

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Tips buying property: Auction, pre-auction and private treaty

Bidding on a property takes strategy, skill and a few clever psychological tricks. Here’s a few tips buying property to give yourself the best chance of winning at an auction, pre-auction or private treaty. Tips buying property at auction Get a finance pre-approval so you know your budget and attend the auction ready to write […]

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How to buy a house when you have a HECS debt

You can remember it now: sitting in a chair at the back of the lecture theatre, chatting to your friends and ignoring the debt that each day at university was plunging you into. But now you’re older and wiser, and reality has set in. You want to buy a property, but you’re unsure how your […]

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Understanding how a cooling-off period works when buying a house

Buying your first home can be an emotionally charged process. That’s why most Australian states and territories allow a cooling-off period after a sale is completed. Before you breathe a sigh of relief, though, you need to understand more about it. What is the cooling-off period? A cooling-off period is a set number of days […]

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Suburbs where buying your home is cheaper than renting

It’s a question many have asked themselves. Is renting cheaper than buying a home? Although there’s no simple answer, buying a home in certain suburbs can be cheaper than renting. According to an article published on, there are still pockets available in Sydney where buying a home will save you money. “New finance and […]

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Helpful Tips for Buying as the Sydney Property Market cools

While talk of a property bubble is up for debate, falling house prices could be the break first home buyers are looking for. Speaking to Business Insider, Brendan Rynne, KPMG chief economist, said this is a result of “short-term factors pushing median dwelling prices above their long-term ‘equilibrium’ prices by about 14% and 8% respectively.” […]

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