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First Home Loan Deposit Scheme 2020 (FHLDS)

We’ve put together a summary of everything we know about the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) before it starts rolling out on the 1st January 2020. Since initially being announced in May of 2019, many more key details have been released. What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme? The new Loan Deposit Scheme […]

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5 strategies to save for your home loan deposit

Saving for a home loan deposit can be hard work – especially if it’s your first time. You might be scratching your head wondering how on earth you’ll save that kind of money. Thankfully, there are some effective strategies you can adopt to get the home deposit you want. Remember, a strategy is all about […]

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New Assessment Rate for Home Loans

The guidelines used to assess home loans have changed. Because of record low interest rates, APRA will now allow lenders to set their own assessment rate. The good news is, some Australian borrowers will be able to significantly increase their borrowing power. What has happened to the assessment rate? From July 2019, banks and lenders […]

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How to get the lowest interest rate

If you’re looking at buying into the property market, naturally you are going to want the best deal when it comes to your home loan. According to reports, some banks compete to lend money to what they call an ‘ideal borrower’. In fact, ideal borrowers receive on average a 0.55 per cent lower interest rate. […]

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How to buy a second property with no deposit

Are you looking to buy a second property but don’t have enough cash deposit? You’ll be pleased to know you don’t need a deposit because you can use your existing home equity to purchase a new property. If you’ve owned your home for a few years, there’s a good chance you’ve built up some reasonable equity, […]

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The benefits of buying life insurance while you are young

If you are one of the many who thinks buying life insurance at a young age is a waste of money, think again. While the concept might seem like something you shouldn’t have to worry about at this stage in your life, there are some benefits worth considering before brushing off the idea. The fact […]

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How to dig your way out of debt

There are a million different reasons why you are in debt, but only one way to get yourself out of it. It’s time to take back control of your finances, no matter how impossible that task might feel. Step. 1 First and foremost, you must make a commitment to getting out of debt: you are […]

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Stop using these common excuses for not saving money

“I’ll start on Monday.” It’s the famous excuse for anyone starting a new diet or exercise regime. As it turns out, not only are we good at justifying why we aren’t exercising regularly and eating healthier foods, the same can be said for our finances. First things first, you are responsible for your situation. If […]

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How Much Deposit Do I Need to Buy My First Home?

We’ll help you answer that age old question – what kind of deposit do you really need when buying your first home? Owning your own home is a dream for many Australians but when it comes to saving a deposit, what is the right amount needed to successfully purchase your first home? First home buyers […]

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