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Rentvesting: The Secret Strategy Australians Are Using to Conquer the Property Market and Live Their Dream Lifestyle!

In recent years, as property prices have skyrocketed in many Australian cities, a new trend has emerged called “rentvesting.” This innovative strategy allows Australians to enter the property market without sacrificing their lifestyle or living in a less desirable location. Rentvesting involves renting a property in a preferred area while simultaneously investing in a property […]

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Unlock the Secrets to Stress-Free Landlording: Expert Tips to Protect Your Investment!

Being a landlord in Sydney can be a lucrative venture, given the high demand for rental properties in the city. However, the role of a landlord comes with its fair share of challenges and potential stressors. From navigating complex tenancy laws to managing maintenance and ensuring steady rental income, it’s crucial to arm yourself with […]

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What brings value to a house or unit

If you’re wondering what aspects bring value to a house or unit, then look no further. We’ll cover eleven features that contribute to the value of a property, so you know what to look out for, especially if you’re looking for an investment property. Read on for eleven simple ways you can bring value to […]

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What does a property manager do?

You probably know that property managers exist, but do you know exactly what they do? The property managers are third parties who are hired to handle a wide range of daily operations related to real estate investments. A property manager’s job description is usually determined by the terms of the management contract and by their […]

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Buying a tenanted investment property

Purchasing a tenanted investment property means you collect rent from day one, with no vacant period and no lease fees to find a new tenant. The lease just carries on as it did before you purchased the property. Sound good? Of course it does. There are some possible problems to be aware of though. It’s […]

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How to prepare your investment property for rent

So, you’ve bought an investment property and decided to rent it out? Before you decide to start advertising your property for rent, it’s important to ensure it’s presented in the best possible light. This will not only help to secure good quality tenants on a longer lease, but also generate higher rental returns. Will you […]

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STUDY: Are you better off renting or buying?

As the saying going, rent money is dead money. But with all the hidden costs involved with home ownership – stamp duty, state levies and council rates (just to name a few) –  is buying a house really a smarter investment over renting? According to economists, Dominic Crowley and Shuyun May Li, the answer is […]

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New strata laws could revolutionise the apartment world

After years of consultation and review, the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading have passed more than 90 changes to the strata laws for New South Wales which took effect on November 30, 2016. One of the biggest changes to effect apartment owners is it will now take a vote of 75% of owners […]

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