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How to invest on a low income

While you may not need a six-figure salary to invest in property, those who earn a relatively low income will require a little more creative thinking to start a portfolio. Before you right off your chances with the bank, here are some tips on how to invest on a low income and get a foot […]

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Who is the Australian property market’s typical investor?

Have you thought about buying an investment property only to push the idea aside, telling yourself it isn’t possible? Research into Australian property investors might change your mind. According to an article published on The Conversation, 83 per cent of Australia’s residential investment market is made up of people who have bought their first home […]

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Superannuation: 1 in 3 women retire with no super

A report released by Industry Super Australia has shown Australian women retire with just over half the amount of super as men, and one in three women retire with no super at all. The report also says that 63 per cent of single women will fall below the benchmark, and it is estimated 45 per […]

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What is rental yield?

If you’ve been looking into property investment, chances are you’ve come across the term “rental yield”. As an investor, it is an important concept to understand in order to assess the potential income and cash flow of an investment property. Basically when it comes to yield there are two types: gross yield and net yield. […]

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Rentvesting: Why many first home buyers are becoming investors

The cost of owning a home in Australia might be going up in some areas but that hasn’t stopped some from buying into the market. According to a new research from valuation company, Herron Todd White, first home owners are simply adjusting their expectations when it comes to home ownership: choosing to become investors instead […]

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Australians can now invest in Sydney property for less than $100

While saving a deposit for a home is becoming a challenge for many, others are buying into the market one brick at a time. BRICKX gives Australians the opportunity to invest in houses for as little as under $100 per brick. The company launched in September 2016 and has since purchased and sold bricks for […]

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