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Secure Your Financial Future: The Importance of Life Insurance in Australian Financial Planning

Financial planning is an essential aspect of every individual’s life. We strive to secure our financial future and that of our loved ones. While many of us are aware of various investment strategies, savings plans, and retirement funds, there is one crucial aspect of financial planning that often gets overlooked – life insurance. In this […]

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Smart Strategies to Fund Your Child’s Education: The Importance of a Financial Advisor in Australia

Planning for your child’s education is a significant financial responsibility. As a parent, you want to provide the best opportunities for your child’s future, including their higher education. Saving for education requires careful planning and smart strategies to ensure you can meet the rising costs of tuition fees and other related expenses. In this article, […]

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7 Effective Retirement Planning Strategies You Need To Know

Retirement is an exciting phase of life that allows individuals to pursue their passions, spend quality time with loved ones, and enjoy the fruits of their lifelong labor. However, to ensure a comfortable retirement, it is essential to engage in effective retirement planning strategies. In this blog post, we will explore key strategies tailored to […]

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Understanding Trauma Insurance – Do You Really Need It?

Trauma insurance in Australia provides financial support to the individual who suffers a severe illness or injury. Life is full of robust challenges and sometimes, a disease or unexpected event can turn your life upside down. A traumatic event could happen to anyone, regardless of age, occupation, or lifestyle. Whether it’s a car accident, critical […]

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When do you need to get life insurance?

Life insurance is about preparing for life’s emergencies and protecting those around you. But is there a right time to get it? One of the main reasons people buy life insurance is because they have dependents. A dependent being any person, generally a family member or partner, who relies on another for financial support.  The […]

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Why private health insurance isn’t enough

People often ask our Financial Planners why they need trauma cover given they have private health insurance or can go through the public system for certain illnesses. What most people don’t know is that not all costs are covered by private health and there are out-of-pocket bills that can cost you tens of thousands. The […]

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Explainer: Income Protection Insurance

83% of Australians insure their car but only 31% of Australians insure their income. Insurance for something you can’t see or touch, such as your income, may seem strange. But how would you pay your mortgage if you were unable to work? When considering insurance, it’s common for people to pass it off as a […]

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Is trauma insurance is worth considering?

It’s one of the most underused policies, but trauma insurance is worth considering. Doing so could take a lot of the pressure off if you find yourself unable to work. Trauma insurance cover is a tax-free lump sum that is paid out upon diagnosis of a serious illness. Generally speaking, there is a list of […]

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How long could you service your home loan for if you became sick?

A new survey found that in the event of a sudden illness requiring time off work, 44 per cent of Australians could not service their home loan for more than four months if they became sick. Additionally, The research from mortgage insurer ALI Group found 56 per cent of those represented in the survey were […]

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The benefits of buying life insurance while you are young

If you are one of the many who thinks buying life insurance at a young age is a waste of money, think again. While the concept might seem like something you shouldn’t have to worry about at this stage in your life, there are some benefits worth considering before brushing off the idea. The fact […]

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