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Why a first home buyer might use a buyer’s agent

While many believe they are only for the wealthy investor, there are reasons why a first home buyer might use a buyer’s agent. Unlike real estate agents, buyer’s agents work exclusively for the buyer. It is the role of the buyer’s agent to help someone through the process of buying a property. Before we get […]

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First Home Loan Deposit Scheme 2020 (FHLDS)

We’ve put together a summary of everything we know about the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS) before it starts rolling out on the 1st January 2020. Since initially being announced in May of 2019, many more key details have been released. What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme? The new Loan Deposit Scheme […]

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5 strategies to save for your home loan deposit

Saving for a home loan deposit can be hard work – especially if it’s your first time. You might be scratching your head wondering how on earth you’ll save that kind of money. Thankfully, there are some effective strategies you can adopt to get the home deposit you want. Remember, a strategy is all about […]

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5 Essential Terms Every First Home Buyer Should Know

There is so much jargon and technical lingo when you begin your property research. What do all these terms mean?! Are you wondering what LVR & LMI is? Worried about having to pay for Stamp Duty? Did you know an Offset Account could save you thousands of dollars? Or, are you now sitting there with […]

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Interest rate cuts change the market

The property market has seen a lot of change in the past month. We learnt first home buyers might get a new loan help scheme, the Reserve Bank (RBA) made back-to-back cuts to the cash rate, and APRA put out a proposal for a relaxation of regulations on credit assessment. With all this going on, […]

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Aussie home owners turning to professionals for confidence

Did you know that around half of Australian next home buyers struggle with important home financial concepts? New findings from Westpac’s latest Home Ownership report revealed a few alarming facts about next home buyers, including: 56% admitted they fear purchasing at auction 49% did not know exactly what equity is 48% did not know exactly […]

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First home buyers are clueless about buying process

An alarming 61% of first home buyers failed a basic property buying literacy quiz, compared with only 27% of owner occupiers, and a quarter of investors. Home loan lender ME Bank tested the knowledge of 1,000 Australians who are looking to buy their first home or have already purchased an owner occupied or investment property. But it turns out […]

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First Home Buyers Turning to Mortgage Brokers for Education

The biggest hurdle for first home buyers isn’t spending too much money on avocado toast. New research found it’s actually a lack of knowledge. ING’s recent Millennial Homeownership Report found mortgage brokers are leading the way when it comes to educating first home buyers. “Millennials are thinking about their future. They understand that owning a […]

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Everything is about to change for first home buyers

According to new research, everything is about to change for first home buyers. An Aussie Home Loans survey found nearly a third (30 per cent) of buyers taking out a home loan in the next 12 months will be first home buyers. The second largest group applying for a home loan will be refinancers (25 […]

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What is the First Home Super Saver Scheme?

If you’re looking to buy your first home sometime in the next decade, the Government’s new First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSS) is an absolute no-brainer. The FHSS allows buyers to put money into super (which means the money will be taxed at a lower rate unless you are low income earner) and then take […]

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