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Real Estate Sales

The most important decision when selling a property is selecting the right sales and marketing agent to achieve the highest price possible….charged at the right and fairest price!

Successful Ways take pride in our commitment to set new benchmarks for quality service and standards of excellence. We combine our strict principles of honesty and integrity with the ability to adapt and grow within an ever-changing market, along with a willingness to embrace technology and provide a friendly personalised real estate sales service.

We are ready and able to cater for all of your real estate needs. This has resulted in Successful Ways Real Estate forging an enviable reputation for consistently delivering outstanding results. While the real estate market has grown enormously in value and complexity since we began business, one thing remains the same: our commitment to understanding your individual needs and providing exceptional real estate experiences. Our greatest reward is our role in helping you realise your real estate dreams.

“Our point of difference” – Incentive commission structure

Most Real Estate agents will charge a flat fee of 1.5% – 2.0% + GST whether they sell your property at the agreed price or not. There is no incentive for most agents under this arrangement to “achieve the highest result” when there is minimal difference in the agents commission.

Real estate is marketed very similar all around the country. The only difference you will find as a customer is:

1. What agents commission will be charged?
2. How hard the agent will work for you?

Successful Ways ‘point of difference’ is that the more money we make for you, the more commission we make. We call it doing our job and this is why you are employing an agent in the first place. 

Commission structure – The Successful Way

For example: Based on a property with a fair market price of $1,000,000

Below fair market price $1,000,00
No commission is charged at or below $999,999.99 = $0

At $1,000,000 (fair market price)
1.65% commission charge = $16,500 incl of GST

At $1,100,000 (above market price)
1.65% commission charge to $1,000,000 = $16,500 incl GST
11% commission charged for the extra $100,000 = $11,000 incl GST
Total commission payable when sold at $1,100,000 ($16,500 + $11,000 = $27,500 incl GST)

Standard Commission Structure

Example: Based on a property with a fair market price of $1,000,000

1.65% (incl GST) on agreed price sold
1.65% commission charged = $16,500 incl GST

At $1,100,000 (above market price)
1.65% commission charged = $18,150 incl GST

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