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Are you tired of missing out at auctions or don’t know how to negotiate with real estate agents?

At Successful Ways our team of Sydney experts exclusively represent you ‘the buyer’. We utilise proven purchasing strategies, to give you a real competitive advantage that saves time, money and stress.

As specialists in search, evaluation and negotiation, our Buyer’s Agent services means we will do all the leg work for you, allowing you to enjoy the process whilst having the peace of mind knowing you are buying the right property at the right price.

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Why use a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent can:

  • Assist you in locating property in Sydney that best matches your criteria and budget
  • Help you make tactical and strategic decisions in a timely manner
  • Help you to avoid buying the wrong property
  • Provide detailed reports to accurately appraise the value of the property you wish to purchase, to ensure you don’t overpay
  • Advise you on the correct strategy to acquire the property for the best possible price

Sydney Buyer’s Agents Services

Negotiation Service

Once you have found the property you wish to purchase, your Buyer’s Agent will enter into negotiations with the Selling Agent or Vendor. We take away the stress of the unknown. We aim to achieve the lowest price as well as securing the deal in your favour.

Real Estate agents are trained salespeople who work for the vendor. Unless you are in sales or have been trained on how to negotiate, this can be an intimidating process and you’re likely to receive different opinions from well intending family and friends. In most cases, this will end up costing you the deal. Let someone that speaks the same language represent you and help secure the property.

Auction Bidding

Once you’ve found a property you would like to buy, we act in your place on auction day. Our team will research the property, prepare for the big day and bid on your behalf. You can relax us stand in front of the auctioneer for the best result possible.

We offer:

  • Access to free comparable sales in Sydney and across NSW
  • A market analysis
  • Liaise with in-house Solicitors, Brokers/Banks and Inspectors
  • To take control of the whole process for you

Full Service

Successful Ways can handle everything from finding your first home or investment property, to finance, legal and negotiations.

For most people time is limited and it’s difficult to invest the right amount of time to find the perfect purchase.

Step 1 – Initial briefing and consultation

We meet to discuss your goals and requirements so we understand what you want to achieve.

Step 2 – Search and Locate

We are aligned with Real Estate Selling Agents who often call us first before properties hit the market. Many vendors don’t want their properties advertised due to personal and profile reasons. We then present you with a shortlist of properties for review and inspection. You will also receive a full market analysis of the properties we recommend.

Step 3 – Negotiate and Secure

All of the legwork has been done, it’s time for our award-winning Buyer’s Agent to take action and complete the transaction in your favour. We liaise with you as to how the negotiations are progressing and once the offer is accepted we move quickly to secure the deal.

Step 4 – Liaise with your professionals

It is very important that your solicitor/conveyancer and lender are moving quickly so that we are in a position to exchange contracts and avoid being gazumped. The majority of our clients use our in-house professionals so we can fully control the process and provide expert advice along the way. We ensure everything moves smoothly – right up to settlement.

Having someone do all the work for you makes sense if the service provided is value for money, your buyers agent has experience and delivers real results. When purchasing real estate, you must look at ways to leverage your time and money. Taking advantage of a complete service will allow you to do this and ultimately, achieve your goals.

Sydney Buyer’s Agents Fees

Successful Ways operate on a 1.6% of purchase price (+GST). 

Most Buyers’ Agents charge between 1.5% and 2.5% of the purchase price of the property. This means their remuneration is directly linked to the price you pay for the property.

For a detailed price guide, please contact our team.

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