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First Home Buyers Course Testimonials

Thinking about buying your first home or attending a course? Read about our First Home Buyer Course testimonials.

Feedback in 2024

“Super informative and now I know more about investing in property”

Sam F (February 2024)

“Great examples and explaining concepts. Great tips and hacks!”

Catherine P (February 2024)

“Good practical tips on home buyer and contract process”

Kyle W (February 2024)

“Very informative and interactive! Great to go through the full ‘experience'”

Brigitte E (February 2024)

“It’s very organised and informative. I feel more confident now searching for a property!”

Zooey G (February 2024)

“I enjoyed the interactivity and [Scott] demystifying the actual process. There’s also lots of space for questions”

Nick E (February 2024)

“The brand new content was delivered in an informative way!”

Tom S (February 2024)

Feedback in 2023

“Very informative. Thoroughly enjoyed the high level of detail, covered a lot of topics.”

Daniel D (November 2023)

“Thank you for showing your knowledge with passion.”

Silvia T (November 2023)

“Great course! Very engaging and informative. Really enjoyed learning more about the different aspects of buying a property, the helpful tips and things to be aware of, and the teaching style!”

Lucy G (November 2023)

“Engaging, informative, simple to understand, personable, covers a wide range of topics. Thank you! This was really great. I have learned a lot, thank you Scott!”

Emma G (November 2023)

“Beautifully explained. Easy to understand. [Scott was] explaining many perspectives with simple examples that are easy to understand.”

Thilini P (November 2023)

“I loved the incredible insights into the processes that occur which the public usually doesn’t see. Also the little tricks to one-up other buyers. Delivery was amazing. All was good!”

Denver G (August 2023)

“Scott teaches with enthusiasm. humor and he’s very knowledgable. Tips were provided on what to avoid and what to look after when buying property.”

Norlyn M (August 2023)

“I loved the insights and honesty. I think its a great course to learn about real estate in Sydney.”

Cinthya O (August 2023)

“Very insightful and [Scott] goes through the end-to-end process of buying. Scott is a very clear speaker.”

Jane C (April 2023)

“It was a fantastic, light, and interesting course! I now have a better understanding of home loans and finance. Also about government grants to help my friends.”

Diane J (April 2023)

Feedback in 2021

“Experienced presenter with great tips and insider knowledge. Well run I learned so much!”

Lyndal B (December 2021)

“Well structured, run efficiently, concrete real world tips, engaging presenter, interesting & illustrative anecdotes and openness to questions. Exceeded expectations, really enjoyed it Scott. Thanks!”

Jessie R (December 2021)

“Broad range across key topics and issues. Very engaging, thank you.”

Jill G (December 2021)

“Fun, energetic and very engaging.”

Tom M (December 2021)

“The relaxed and open atmosphere combined with learning practical tips & how they apply in real world situations. Thank you for providing a quality service & program!”

Zennique G (December 2021)

“Everything was very clear & well explained, good interactivity with questions. Excellent!”

Sarah M (December 2021)

Feedback in 2020

“Well organised content. Lots of room for questions. Humor”

Arpita D (October 2020)

“Good course, well structured. Ticks all of the key points.”

Matteo B (October 2020)

“Very helpful to have a step wise approach to buying. Appreciated the that weren’t common knowledge. Thanks you!”

Marta S (October 2020)

“Great session with indepth information. Teacher is telling the truth including under the table knowledge.”

Amber R (October 2020)

“Lots of useful info. Wit & humour. Presented in an easy-to-understand fashion. Thank you!”

Alankaar S (October 2020)

“Great advice, reasonable course price. Info very clear with step by step process. You cannot buy experience!”

Rob A (August 2020)

“Good overview of process with very practical examples. Entertaining.”

Marnie V (August 2020)

“Good quality, honest insights and speedy pace. Topstuff!”

Brett S (August 2020)

“Appreciated Scott’s experience in the industry and added humour. Easy to do in half a day – crazy not to learn more.”

Michelle B (August 2020)

“Useful information presented at the right level for first home buyers in a pleasant and upbeat way.”

Monique G (August 2020)

“Enjoyed understanding the industry better and how to be prepared. Happy with what I learnt. Outgoing teacher.”

Allison D (August 2020)

“Enjoyed the detailed knowledge of the industry as well as the honest accounts with many examples. Funny.”

Jeanette W (August 2020)

“What I enjoyed most about the course was the real life stories, useful information plus tricks and tips. Fun, interesting and lively course. Enjoyed!!”

Cally B (August 2020)

“Loved the energy and passion of Scott, also the depth of knowledge. The amount of information at a level I could understand coming from having no knowledge in this area.”

Sandy M (July 2020)

“Lots of thorough information made easy to understand & no BS. Entertaining. It was perfect, exactly what I was after! Thank you.”

Lianne C (July 2020)

“The information provided was really helpful. Great pace and spot on info regarding the advice we needed. I thought it was perfect, wouldn’t have minded a full day.”

Vania D (July 2020)

“Real world experience relayed in easy to follow manner with good tips. Notes were clear and concise”

Jacki & Alex K (July 2020)

“Excellent pace, great way of covering whole process start to finish. Plain English explanations and fantastic presentation style. 10/10, thank you!”

Andy P (February 2020)

“Clarified lots of information I was unsure about – took some of the fear out of being a first home buyer. Scott was great and very clear with his explanations, can’t think of any additional improvements”

Shane W (February 2020)

“All of Scott’s knowledge and wisdom, great advice re contract, agents negotiation etc. Great course, wish I had done it sooner”

Tammy G (February 2020)

Feedback in 2019

“Good humour. Clear, easy to follow format and perfect length too. Loved the information pack. Very Valuable.”

Anna-Marie Julie (November 2019)

“Great material, loads of knowledge, but really accessible for total beginners! But seriously, terrific course. Thanks Scott!”

Paul F (November 2019)

“Scott’s knowledge is invaluable to first home buyers and this forum was a great platform for him to share. The opportunity to ask questions as the course progressed enabled clarity at each step, excellent pace.”

Elizabeth K (August 2019)

“Useful course content, entertaining and engaging, great client stories”

Vicki N (August 2019)

“Enjoyed going through the contract side of property, buying and simplifying each stage of the process. Effective communication of experience.”

Eveline & Erik N (August 2019)

“Practical information, no bullsh!t answers and easy to understand. I would happily do more on the topic. Great course & Scott was very informative & friendly.”

Natalie C (July 2019)

“Informative but not bogged down with detail – so good”

Nina & Scott J (July 2019)

“Entertaining & very informative – lots of nuggets of info. Would recommend”

Bree (July 2019)

“Explained well, diagrams were helpful to explain the theory, real life stories, pretty hilarious 😊”

Kenneth H (July 2019)

“Very informative, learnt a lot as someone completely new to this, passionate and engaging speaker”

Connie L (July 2019)

“Good all-round info, touched on lots of aspects. Thanks Scott, this is just what we were hoping to learn”

Liam W (July 2019)

“Focused on some important key topics like LMI, offset accounts, and the value of units. Good course.”

Angeline F (July 2019)

“Very interesting, informative, & educational. Very transparent course – wouldn’t change a thing.”

Keith & Elizabeth (June 2019)

“Scott was a great presenter, very personable, practical advice. Great course, keep on doing it!”

Rio W (June 2019)

“Helpful content and real life examples. Genuinely unbiased info (other courses pushing you to their business). Excellent presentation by Scott”

Cat C (June 2019)

“Humorous, very helpful, and summarised nicely from key ideas”

Grace & Vaughan (June 2019)

“I enjoyed all aspects of the course. I was looking for a general overview so that I can start considering buying. Course was clear, an excellent overview.”

Vanessa K (May 2019)

“A great introduction and a clear overview of how to start”

Kate P & Jeff S (May 2019)

“What did I enjoy? Topics covered, real examples, tips & tricks, a lively class, right attitude and cost saving techniques”

Nikhil N (May 2019)

“Lots of info that was easy to understand – a lot of my own misconceptions dispelled. This was really good and far more enjoyable than expected – Thank you!”

Kate T (May 2019)

“Covers all the key issues. Very helpful, and easy to chat and ask questions. Really useful. I will advise others to use it also!”

Elani R (April 2019)

“Course was really clear and well presented. In depth information regarding finance/home loans. Specifically, the difference kinds of loans & offset accounts.”

Shaquille S (April 2019)

“Material was explained in a friendly and user-friendly manner. Nothing unclear.”

Roxy A (April 2019)

“Clear information and good presentation style. I learnt things I didn’t know and got some industry insights that no one tells you.”

Ann-Marie E (March 2019)

“I enjoyed Scott’s humour 😊 Time & money well spent”

Craig S (March 2019)

“I enjoyed the course very much. We had done some research but it was nice to pick up some new tips as well as being reassured we were on the right path thus far. “

Tim M (March 2019)

“Thank you for answering some of my burning questions and confirming my existing ideas. Venue was easy to get to and timing was great.”

Nicole C (March 2019)

“Good quality information. Scott has a lot of experience and personality – it was great! “

Nick G (March 2019)

“Good high level of info on the buying process, and information from the experienced. Thanks for the course, very informative 😊”

Maki K (March 2019)

“We had an awesome time in your class. You shared details that we didn’t come across in any of our own online research. It was extremely informative, detailed, interesting and we absolutely needed that reassurance to get the ball rolling. We feel that we have a chance to one day start the process of buying a home”

Stacey R (February 2019)

“It was informative, engaging and Scott is a great and entertaining presenter”

Janette P (February 2019)

“Scott was very approachable, open to questions and told lots of anecdotes. Thanks!”

Lucy Emery (February 2019)

“Easy to follow, straight forward, and time effective.”

Jay M (February 2019)

“Scott’s explanations on terminology I’ve struggled with in the past. Awesome, very happy I came!”

Mark C (November 2018)

Feedback in 2018

“I enjoyed Scott’s honesty, humour, and generosity with information, including the telling of real-life stories and examples. Thank you! 😊”

Katie B (November 2018)

Enjoyed the amount of information provided & the way it was delivered. Very knowledgeable & trustworthy presentation. A lot of info covered and well structured.

Claudia H (October 2018)

“A great course every home owner should do! Informative, explained very clearly with great examples. Answered questions, didn’t drag on, and didn’t feel like 3 hours. Great delivery Scott!”

Vivian M & Dmitri Y (October 2018)

“The course was presented in a logical format which made it more understandable as a first home buyer.”

Chidera E (October 2018)

“I enjoyed the practicality and relatable examples that were easy to follow. It was fast paced, an eye opener, and the end of day summary wrapped things up nicely.”

Jimmy M (September 2018)

“Great insights into the process, the thinking on the vendor/agent side. Very entertaining and relatable stories helped concepts sink in”

Santiago M (August 2018)

“I came knowing very little and now have a good overview of the buying process. Plus, some good tips and warnings! Thanks!

Debora P (August 2018)

“All of the course was great. Negotiation process was particularly good and useful. Thanks Scott, very useful introduction!”

Aris D (August 2018)

“Enjoyed the subjects covered, all very relevant. It was a a good pace and good to be able to ask questions along the way.”

Julie B (August 2018)

“All the terminology and negotiation tips really helped me understand the steps and options available. Everything was explained well!”

Tara (August 2018)

“Wow, so much to learn! I enjoyed the real life examples and practical info about negotiation. Great intro to buying my first place. Thanks so much. :)”

Tiff S (July 2018)

“It was great to hear the real life stories and problems that happened to real first time home buyers. It’s a good start for someone like me who knows nothing about real estate.”

Christine N (June 2018)

“All the little tips and tricks were great. I also enjoyed the way the content was delivered. I really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot. THANK YOU.”

Sarah P (June 2018)

“Scott’s use of the whiteboard to break down the process of buying was great. Explaining how a first home buyer can save themselves money in short and long term. Enjoyed the whole thing – short and sweet.”

Oliver C (May 2018)

“Practical, lots of real-world examples, and no waffle. We’ll book in to see you Scott, Thanks.”

Jacqueline R (May 2018)

“Interesting, funny & great information provided. Very informative and an excellent course. Very happy with the course!”

John F (April 2018)

“Well done! Scott explains each topic very well, easy to understand. Happy I attended this course.”

Carmela V (April 2018)

“Full of helpful and practical tips. Scott brings out the highlights and no bullshit”

Luke P (March 2018)

“Authenticity, humour & serious, knowledge & experience. This was so useful and has exceeded my expectations. Wasn’t boring at all”

Nina M (March 2018)

“More insightful than I was expecting. I would definitely recommend”

Kieran R (March 2018)

“Scott makes a topic that is not something that interests me very easy. He has a fun & entertaining examples of what to do and what not to do”

Heidi D (February 2018)

“The concepts were well explained with supporting stories/examples. I found the course engaging and informative – Thanks for your time”

Warwick S (February 2018)

“I enjoyed Scott’s personality and the way he broke down each subject so it was easy to understand. I didn’t feel dumb for asking questions and it gave me a lot of confidence”

Amber H (February 2018)

“Good overview from start to finish. Dad jokes A++”

Claire S (February 2018)

“It informed me of important parts if didn’t understand in regard to property investment, buying and selling. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, would love more information.”

Feedback in 2017

Taylor P (October 2017)

“All good. I enjoyed the variety of information on different aspects of buying, agents, etc.”

Ana K (October 2017)

“Scott had a sense of humour and knew his stuff. The session covered everything in an easy to understand way. Thanks Scott! 😊”

Emily C (October 2017)

“I enjoyed most the info about home loans, savings, brokers/solicitors, cooling off periods and risks of making an offer. Very well done and planner out. Very easy to understand.”

Mahdi S (October 2017)

“I enjoyed learning the process how to get started and who to contact. All was clear and Scott was happy to answer questions during & in breaks. Very helpful & informative.”

Jessica C (September 2017)

“Straight-talking advice. Real-world scenarios, insights into industry protocols i.e. how negotiations work with agent.”

Eva S (September 2017)

“Fast paced & hilarious. We have a 5 year plan to get out of Sydney, and felt we couldn’t buy ever but tonight changed this. Thanks!”

Carly & Cliff W (September 2017)

“The course was informative, full of real life situations and examples”

Sharmin A (September 2017)

“Loved Scott’s simple way of explaining what seems like complicated concepts. Provided real life examples. Scott brings so much experience of a practical approach to a daunting buying process”

Jo H (September 2017)

“Very helpful knowledge from Scott who has a lot of experience and insights. Scott was also very energetic which was great”

Alex L (September 2017)

“Entertaining stories to assist in the understanding of home buying. Very good course for young audiences. “

Danielle H (August 2017)

“Informative, but relaxed and enjoyable. It was great I didn’t have high expectations but it was fantastic!”

Alexa B (August 2017)

“Excellent presentation, heaps of tips, useful information and presented in a humorous way”

Tony D (June 2017)

“The course made things I always found confusing very clear and easy to understand. A lot more enjoyable than I imagined it would be”

Ben O (June 2017)

“Great tips on the entire buying process. Great to hear the real ‘insiders’ story”

Fran D (June 2017)

“Easy to understand and no bullsh#t information”

Liam C (June 2017)

“I found Scott’s seminar to be extremely useful and helpful. The process of buying your first home is overwhelming and the seminar really helped us to understand the buying process. I even purchased a property shortly after attending.”

Kate M (June 2017)

“Very informative and lots of new info that gave me confidence to go ahead and buy. Would recommend, thank you!”

Brano M (May 2017)

“Great easy to understand info with realistic examples. It made the ‘hard concepts’ easier for a broad audience. Great & informative course with relevant and current information.” First home buyer

Beth P (May 2017)

“It is really easy to understand. Immediate confidence boost to move quickly. Great presenter, comfortable environment, would definitely recommend.” First home buyer

Jackie S (May 2017)

“Great pace, wealth of knowledge and laymen’s terms. Scott took his time to clarify and reclarify as many times as needed. This was invaluable. You have reignited the belief in me that I will be able to buy something.” First home buyer

Hannah S (May 2017)

“Lots of very valuable information, clear and concise. Great to hear the tips and tricks!”

Melissa B (May 2017)

“I LOVED the course! I learnt so much and feel a lot more confident about buying a property. It was a really fun seminar!”

Melinda T (May 2017)

“Very useful information, especially understanding finance options and the timeline of the purchasing process.” First home buyer

Sean P (February 2017)

“I found the course all very interesting including the description of home loan types and negotiation strategies.”

Catherine M (February  2017)

“I got a better understanding the mindset of real estate agents and how a first home buyer Sydney should approach them.”

Rahul J (January 2017)

“The first property buyer course covered all the relevant details and gave us the confidence to work towards our goals of owning our first property.” First home buyer

A. White (March 2016)

First home buyer

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