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When tailoring a portfolio to a client’s situation, our Financial Advisors look to spread investments across multiple global markets.

Superannuation is one of those things that most people won’t think about until it comes to retirement. For many, it seems too hard or complicated. It often seems easier to let your employer make the required contributions and not worry about it.

However, understanding how superannuation works and where your money is being invested can make a huge difference. The management of your Super could mean the difference between having enough put aside for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement vs having to work longer than you intended.

It’s important to plan now and make the most of all the opportunities available to you.

When tailoring a portfolio to a client’s situation, our Financial Advisors look to spread investments across multiple global markets. Our super investment managers differ in their own unique style and strategy. This helps to diversify and minimise concentration risk in a similar way. It’s true to the ‘don’t put all your eggs in the same basket’ philosophy.

A little financial advice now, can go a long way in the future.

  • Your Salary
  • 9.5% Superannuation
  • Retail Platform
  • Our High Growth Portfolio
Asset Allocation
Cash Hub International Fixed Interest Property Fund Australian Large Companies Australia Large ShortFund Australian Mid-Small Companies International Companies- Asia International Large Companies International Mid-Small Companies Infrastructure Fund
3% 12% 5% 8% 10% 14% 12% 10% 13% 13%
0.58% 0.77% 0.40% 0.18% 1.05% 0.90% 1.35% 1.35% 1.12% 1.05%

Superannuation Platform & Investment options

There are any number of retail ‘platforms’ available that can be used to manage superannuation funds. Simply put, these platforms give you the access to any number of different investment options. Additionally, it complete all the ongoing administrative duties for your account.


As mentioned above, we create a tailored portfolio and spread your superannuation money across 7-13 different investment options to increase diversification and reduce risk. Each of these investment options utilise managers that are financial specialists in their chosen asset class.

Active management

We purchase analysts’ reports and review the accounts on a regular basis. Our team of advisors may recommend changes to the superannuation portfolio depending on market conditions at the time with the idea to maximise returns or protect capital.


Typically, we say in regards to superannuation there is always 1 good year, 1 bad year and 3 average years. This is why we believe a true indication of how a fund performs is by looking at the 5 year returns. Over the last 5 years, the tailored portfolio we recommend has outperformed the returns of some of Australia’s largest superannuation providers. Please be mindful that past performance can’t guarantee future performance.

Asset allocation

Very similar to most default investment options with various superannuation providers, our High Growth portfolio has approximately 80% exposure to growth based investments (i.e. Australian & International Shares, Property Infrastructure) and 20% to defensive assets (i.e. cash & fixed income).

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