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Do buyer’s agents push up prices to get higher fees?

clock icon February 16, 2017
tag iconBuyers Agent

We all know that buying property (especially in a heated market), can be a tough slog.

Enter Buyer’s Agents. These guys (or gals) can give you invaluable advice, help you work out a budget, source for ‘off-market’ properties and even attend auctions on your behalf.

They are becoming increasingly popular with first home buyers and investors who are looking for a stress-free experience in a highly competitive market.

However, with rising popularity (and prices), it’s been suggested that some Buyer’s Agents may be playing a part in pushing prices up due to the way they are remunerated.

Buyers’ agents charge between 1.5% and 2.5% of the purchase price of the property, which means their remuneration is directly linked to the price you pay for the property. That means the less you pay for your property, the less they make.

While there are instances of Buyer’s Agents pushing up house prices under a conflicted remuneration model, Successful Ways operate on a fixed fee basis. The reason we use a fixed fee model is we don’t want there to be any perception of bias when we’re negotiating property.


If you want to save time, money, and stress in your house-hunting journey, contact our Buyer’s Agent for a free consultation.

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