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First Home Buyers Course

Successful Ways has been helping First Home Buyers since 2003.

If you’re thinking of buying your first home or investment property in 2020 and don’t know where to start – don’t miss this opportunity!

The course gives you the right level of knowledge, saving you time on your own research. With an industry expert guiding you through each step of the buying process. You’ll leave with the reassurance needed to make better decisions for yourself.

We guarantee you’ll feel educated, with total confidence to buy your first home.

What you’ll learn:

    ✔️ A complete understanding of the buying process from beginning to end

    ✔️ Everything you need to know about home loans and government grants and schemes

    ✔️ Agent negotiation tips and the questions to ask when buying a house

    ✔️ Be prepared for unexpected costs and common mistakes based on real life examples

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The Successful Ways’ First Home Buyers Course is available in Brisbane and Sydney.

Led by Scott Durrant, his straightforward, no nonsense approach will guide you, step by step, through the process. He knows how to keep things humorous and interesting, is open to questions, and will share a bunch of real-life stories and anecdotes along the way.

Come along, it’s a great opportunity to learn and have an expert answer some of the most confusing aspects of buying a home.

“We had an awesome time in your class. You shared details that we didn’t come across in any of our own online research. It was extremely informative, detailed, interesting and we absolutely needed that reassurance to get the ball rolling. We feel that we have a chance to one day start the process of buying a home”

Stacey & Caden

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What you’ll learn during the First Home Buyers Course:

  • The entire buying process and how to get started (first time home buyer help)
  • How the new First Home Loan Deposit Scheme works
  • How you apply and qualify for the First Time Home Owner Grant
  • How to make the most of the new stamp duty benefits
  • How the Government’s First Time Home Super Saver Scheme works
  • The best way to structure your home loan
  • How to buy your first home with a small deposit
  • How to negotiate with real estate agents
  • How to exchange contracts in NSW & QLD
  • How to avoid common and costly mistakes
  • Real life examples from an industry professional
  • Guarantor loans and much, much more!

You can check out the detailed outline of the course below.

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Second Time Home Buyer?

If you think education is just for first-timers, think again. Real estate markets change, and so do home buying environments. It is worth considering taking a course each time you’re making a home purchase, especially if it has been a significant number of years between purchases.

You’ll gain valuable knowledge that will help you make the right decisions for a second time, and become fully aware of the common pitfalls and traps involved in the evolving buying and negotiation process.

The property market has considerably changed in recent years, opening new opportunities for home buyers. This course can keep you up to date on what you’ll need to know this time around.

Get the information you need to confidently purchase property in Brisbane or Sydney

First Home Buyer – Full Course (Workshop) Outline

Understanding the first home owners grant and other benefits

  • How to apply and qualify for the first time home owner grant
  • How to maximise current stamp duty concessions and benefits available for first home buyers in NSW
  • How the Government’s First Home Super Saver Scheme works to save a deposit through your superannuation fund
  • Learn what is happening with the proposed First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

The home buying process

  • Different buying processes: private treaty, auction and buying ‘off the plan’
  • Understand the home loan and conveyancing process
  • Understand the role of a Mortgage Broker, Buyer’s Agent and Solicitor and the major part they play in the buying process
  • How to exchange contracts in NSW (Five-Day cooling off period and 66W Certificate)
  • ‘Gazumping’ and how to avoid this happening to you

Financing your first home

  • What are commonly the best home loans for first home buyers
  • Guarantor loans and how to buy without a deposit (this home buying seminar reveals all the best tips)
  • How much deposit you need to buy a house
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and how this may affect your loan application
  • Different home loan packages available (help for 1st time home buyers)
  • How to pay off your home loan faster
  • How the current interest rates are great for home owners
  • How the right financing can help you secure a deal (special mortgage programs for first time buyers)
  • The total costs and fees involved in the home buying process including hidden extras


  • Submitting offers and where to start
  • Professional negotiation techniques to purchase Real Estate below market price
  • Real life examples of deals gone good and bad
  • Best questions to ask real estate agents to get the answers you need (and how to get the agent on your side)

Market conditions

  • The current market situation and future direction
  • Understand how properties are priced
  • How to buy a property that actually makes you money
  • How to protect yourself against rising interest rates and falling markets
  • What gives value to Real Estate for both units and houses
  • What a Valuer looks for when assessing property
  • Real life situations and how to avoid common pitfalls in the real estate market

Founder and Director, Scott Durrant, is one of Australia’s leading financial educators and keynote speakers and has been advising first time home buyers since 2003.

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