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5 things you shouldn’t say to a real estate agent

clock icon February 16, 2017
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Dealing with Real Estate Agents is unavoidable when buying a house.

And while they can appear to be the middleman, it’s their job to get the best possible outcome for the seller.

With that in mind, how much should you tell an agent when buying a property?

To give yourself a fighting chance, here are five things you shouldn’t say when on the hunt for your dream home.

Don’t bag out the property

Sabotage will get you nowhere. When viewing a property, resist the temptation to throw others off the scent. Avoid saying things like “hidden asbestos” or that a “block of units going up next door”.  No one will be impressed. If you’re interested, tell them.

Don’t try to throw agents too far off your price range

You don’t have to tell the agent your exact budget, but giving them a window makes it easier for them to determine who’s genuinely interested in buying the property. Indicate that you are prepared to negotiate for the right house.

Don’t avoid questions about price altogether

Avoiding questions about your budget altogether could suggest the house is too expensive, giving them little reason to help you. In some situations, disclosing can be a good idea if the property is completely out of reach. Hopefully, they’ll keep you in mind if something more suitable comes up.

Don’t be a bully

Flattery will get you everywhere. Real Estate agents are people too and like most people, they don’t respond to bullying and criticism. If that’s your negotiation tactic: leave it at the door. Instead, treat an agent how you want to be treated and they’ll be more inclined to help you.

Don’t lie

Playing hard to get doesn’t work and that includes lying about your level of interest in a property. If you don’t buy it, somebody else will. If an agent thinks you are giving them the run around, you might find your calls start to go unanswered.

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